Friday, December 14, 2018

Psychodynamic Therapy for Personality Disorders: Treating Self and Interpersonal Functioning

Event, Workshop, Continuing Education, Social Work CE

Time: 9:00a - 4:00p

Where: Ruth S. Harley University Center, Adelphi Garden City Campus

Price: Regular: $125 | Adelphi Alum: $115

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6 (NYSED) and 6 CASAC Hours

Presented by Eve Caligor, M.D.

Current research emphasizes the centrality of self functioning and interpersonal relatedness in personality health and pathology. This workshop will familiarize participants with Transference-Focused Psychotherapy—Extended (TFP—E), a principle-driven treatment for personality pathology based in psychodynamic object relations theory. TFP—E offers a coherent model for understanding and treating pathology of self and interpersonal functioning in patients with personality pathology across the range of severity. The workshop will explore the clinical principles and core techniques that organize this trans-diagnostic treatment model, while helping participants appreciate how to tailor their overall approach to meet the clinical needs of each individual patient.


  1. Describe recent developments in the understanding and classification of personality disorders, including the Alternative Model for Personality Disorders (AMPD), DSM5 Section III
  2. Address the relationship between the AMPD and psychodynamic object relations theory approach to personality pathology
  3. Understand the principles of TFP—E, a transdiagnostic psychodynamic treatment approach for personality disorders that focuses on pathology of self and interpersonal functioning
  4. Describe the strategies organizing TFP—E and the core techniques that define the treatment
  5. Describe how the basic strategies and techniques of TFP—E are modified according to the severity of the patient’s pathology
  6. Identify potential mechanisms of change in patients with both severe and milder forms of personality pathology