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Message from the NCPA President

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I wonder if you realize that our Sunday morning NCPA Board meetings are open to all members? Yesterday, we were delighted that NCPA members Fred Corb and Nina Goldman joined us. Your Executive Board: Carol Hassett; Chuck King; Ron Smith; Shane Owens; Dottie Ahl; as well as NCPA’s Executive Director Angela Russo, meets for breakfast at my home a few times a year to conduct NCPA business and to enjoy one another’s company. It’s a business meeting, but honestly, I love socializing with these bright, talented, and interesting psychologists, and we’d really like you to consider joining us, when you can.

We’re exploring a number of ideas this year: meeting the new mental health mandates, especially while emphasizing psychologists’ expertise; helping psychologists to help parents talk about suicide with children; promoting team recognition of school psychologists’ mental health perspectives. Would you be interested in attending a Meetup? Would you be interested in getting discounted web-hosting?

NCPA wants to re-invigorate itself, and we sure could use your help! What might get you to come and join us? What might get you to encourage your fellow-psychologists to join our ranks? Many of our members are retiring and moving away. We’d be happy to move and grow in whatever new directions your visions might take us.

Thank you for remaining loyal NCPA members! We surely do appreciate your deciding to send your membership dollars our way, and we’re eager to keep NCPA afloat and relevant to your professional lives.

Our next NCPA Board meeting will be on Sunday, December 15, 2019, at 9:30 AM. Please let me know if you’re able join us. As always, I will provide breakfast, but I do need you to let me know so I can arrange comfortable seating and a pleasant repast.

With my warm good wishes for a productive and satisfying 2019-20.

Maxine Marcus, President
NCPA President